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Photograph: Performing at Carpe Diem, Leeds

Thanks for dropping by. I'm a singer songwriter type guy from Leeds, UK. My EP "Life Support" is available now!

On here you can listen to my songs, buy my debut EP "Life Support", find out where I'm playing and read my blog to find out what's going on in planet Wiffen and various other things you may or may not find interesting. You can also become a fan on my Facebook music page and add me as a friend on my Myspace page or follow me on Twitter.

Some people have said some nice things about me and my music. Groovestealer Promotions said:

One of Leeds' most underrated and shamefully overlooked singer-songwriters.

21st Century Music said:

"...this is such a good quality listen it deserves the 8.5/10 that it gets. If you like your acoustic music to be melodic and soothing, or just like to chill out to a few well written songs, [Simon] is well worth checking out." said:

"This acoustic music isn't full of fiddly chords, it is simple guitar playing that goes to show that good songs mixed with a good voice, which he also has, it doesn't need gimmicks or over the top acoustics to make it work. - Rating 10/13"

You can read some other nice words about me on the reviews page.

So have a look round, have a listen to my stuff and drop me a line to let me know what you think. If you see me out around Leeds come and say hello.... it's not that weird to meet someone you met on the Internet you know... ;-)

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