BBC Raw Talent appearance

Posted: December 8th '09

While Mark and I have been away from gigging for a while, I've been spending the time writing some new songs.

We'll be gigging again in the New Year (watch this space) but in the meantime we're going to be appearing on the Raw Talent show on BBC Radio Leeds in the coming weeks. This one's a bit different, we're not playing live in the studio this time but recording a song in my living room to be played on the show.

We're going to be playing something new, probably a new song called 'Light the Way' which we've been working on. Looking forward to it, should be fun.

We should be recording the track next week in Chez Wiffen and I'll keep you posted with when it's going out on the show.

Hope the festive period is taking hold. My house is now twinkling so much I'm a bit worried I'm going to set off a chain reaction of seizures in my street.

Take care, and save a mince pie for me.

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