This page is a summary of some of the things various people have said about me and my music.

Leeds Music Scene said:

Leeds based singer-songwriter Simon Wiffen, together with acoustic and vocal support from Mark Parrini, provides a packed Library audience with songs which are pure and tender. The sentiment behind Wiffen's voice reigns strong, as every finally tuned note, and every word feels like a carefully selected poem, setting an ambience capable of warming any heart. As the set builds up with personal favourites 'Life Support' and 'Lights Remain' the rawness of the lyrics are felt as he invites the audience to look deep into his soul. It is unmistakable to see that Wiffen exudes a natural talent, but despite this, there is almost a sense of vulnerability and modesty watching him perform. It is a joy to watch such an understated and humble talent.

Groovestealer promotions said:

One of Leeds' most underrated and shamefully overlooked singer-songwriters.

The Gazette & Herald (reviewing the Rydale Live gig) said:

Leeds-based singer/songwriter/guitarist Simon Wiffen followed, accompanied by guitarist Mark Parrini. Simon's acutely personal songs were set against a wide open guitar texture of open tuning and modal riffs. His vocal style was strong with a sometimes world-weary crack at its edge that added a periphery of pathos to the material. said:

This acoustic music isn't full of fiddly chords, it is simple guitar playing that goes to show that good songs mixed with a good voice, which he also has, it doesn't need gimmicks or over the top acoustics to make it work. said:

We don't normally always give marks out of 10 for demo's recorded at home, but this is such a good quality listen it deserves the 8.5/10 that it gets. If you like your acoustic to be melodic and soothing, or just like to chill out to a few well written songs, [Simon] is well worth checking out. said:

[This Way Up] reminds me of Morcheeba without the shitness. Lovely. said:

The songs themselves are very strong, and for a self recorded demo this is a really good listen. Personal favourite song, Row Upon Row, sounds like it could easily slip onto an album by much more established peers Ocean Colour Scene. said:

If you live in the Leeds area, I would recommend finding out where he is performing and checking him out, if not, you'll just have to watch this space. said:

This is just music that shows that a good song can be as simple as you allow. But thats second place anyway to the voice which has that lovely soothing tone to it which makes you think of watching him in an intimate venue, possibly with a loved one, but definetly with a drink and a chilled atmosphere.

My Uncle Colin said:

Makes Leonard Cohen sound like Mika...

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